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Two Assessments

Are you handling your divorce stress better or worse than others?  How far along have you progressed in your recovery from divorce?

To get the answers to those two questions, we offer two assessments: (1) the “Divorce Transition Stress Inventory,” and (2) an “In-Depth Assessment of Your Divorce-Transition Progress.”

Would you like to know how well you are handling the stress of your divorce or breakup compared to others going through the same thing?

The Divorce Transition Stress Inventory is a short, free survey that identifies how well you are handling 16 of the most common sources of stress while making your transition from divorce. Compare your results with hundreds of others who went through divorce and get item-by-item explanations of your responses. Click the line below for more information on the inventory and instructions on how you can take it.

Divorce Transition Stress Inventory

When making a transition from divorce, we experience many stressful reactions. The more reactions that “rent space” in our head, the more stress we feel and the more difficult it is to attend to the tasks of making our transition from divorce successful. Our free, 16-question  (plus thirteen demographic items) lets you describe how you respond to some of the most common stress-inducing situations.

When you take this survey, you can:

  • Compare your results with hundreds of other people who have taken this survey.
  • Receive a Question-by-Question explanation of your reactions.

Go to the FREE Stress Inventory

Would you like to know how far you have already come in your transition from divorce?

The In-Depth Assessment of Your Divorce-Transition Progress is a comprehensive evaluation of how well you are recovering from your breakup or divorce, measured across 13 core dimensions of divorce transition success. Click the line below for more information on the assessment questionnaire and for instructions on how you can take it.

In-Depth Assessment of Your Divorce-Recovery Progress

 Not all Divorces are created equal. Nor are all Divorce Transitions.

The trick is to pinpoint the issues that are salient to you, unique to you, so you can marshal all your recovery resources to attack and eliminate them.

This, of course, begs the question: “Just what are the issues you should concentrate on?”

Will This Assessment Benefit You?

Do you want to:

  • Know what makes your recovery distinctly different from that of others?
  • Know what issues, that are unique to you, are preventing a fast and full transition from your divorce?
  • Know what specific issues, exclusive to you and your situation, you need to address?
  • Have confidence that the things you do to make your transition are on target and will work?
  • Find out what issues you may be unaware of in carrying out your transition?
  • Know what must be done to speed up your transition from divorce?
  • Take the mystery out of exactly what “transition from divorce” means?
  • Remove the guesswork out of what needs to be done to have a successful transition?
  • Eliminate the guilt over feeling clueless about why you feel overwhelmed, even hopeless?
  • Lay the foundation for ending the nightmare of divorce and its devilish aftereffects once and for all?
  • Say “Enough!” to the pain and take the first step to a full and fast transition from your divorce?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, the Smooth Divorce Transition In-Depth Assessment is an invaluable investment in your future happiness.

The assessment is based on years of professional and personal experience of a two-time veteran of divorce, Dr. Jerald Young. It will unlock the secrets and clear away the ghosts of what is preventing you from experiencing the relief and joy of finally being free from the restricting and demoralizing aftereffects of divorce.

Lao-Tzu tells us, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” The Smooth Divorce Transition In-Depth Assessment is the best “next step” you could take.

What Does This Assessment Consist Of?

The In-Depth Assessment:

  • addresses the 4 major aspects of your transition
  • across 13 separate issues measured by
  • an 11-page questionnaire  accompanied by
  • an explanation of your score on each dimension and
  • over 50 opportunities for you to comment on and fine-tune your response to each issue raised so you can
  • truly “make the assessment uniquely your own.”

The questionnaire takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. The result is a 50-page document that is a veritable treasure trove of wisdom on how to go about making a full transition from your divorce in the fastest time possible, regardless of whether you go on to use one of the programs offered by Smooth Divorce Transition, or not.

“What to Fix” Comes Before “How to Fix It”

Before it makes any sense to determine “how” you should best make a transition from your divorce — be it support groups, therapy, coaching, recovery programs, dating, waiting, whatever — you must know “what” needs to be accomplished. Otherwise, it’s like trying to win a game of darts before you have hung the dart board on the wall. The Smooth Divorce Transition In-Depth Assessment provides the dartboard. Only after having a crystal-clear picture of what needs to be done to make the transition from your personally unique divorce, does it make sense to decide how you should go about attaining that transition.

The normal cost of this assessment is $47.00. However, it is currently on sale for $19.95 if you agree to let us add the results anonymously to our database of over 500 participants. This will enable us to better understand the issues faced by people before and after they get divorced. Click below to get your transition started today.

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