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The Man2Man Divorce Recovery Program

This program is equally effective in helping men or women, gay or straight, (1) end the PAIN of divorce or breakup, (2) dissolve the FEAR of an unknown future life after divorce, and, (3) do it up to 10 Times FASTER than any other method.

The Smooth Divorce Recovery Program™ Basic Process consists of three steps:

  1. Stabilize your current emotion-based reactions to your divorce or breakup, so you can …
  2. Release the parts of the past you no longer need, and keep the parts you can still use, which allows you to …
  3. Prepare for your future including your health, wealth, love, and perfect self-expression.

The Three-Step Basic Process

Smooth Divorce Recovery program overview

Step 1: Stabilize the Present

First, we must stabilize the present by dissolving our current emotion-based reactions to the divorce and to our life after divorce. It does not matter whether the divorce is in progress or happened years ago. This is necessary because our emotion-based reactions distort reality and make it almost impossible to solve the tangible problems we face.

Step 2: Release the Past

Next, we release our attachments to the past we no longer need, while keeping  those parts of the past that are still useful. In this step we dissolve our resistance to change by dealing with our fears and grieving our losses – the real losses, not the perceived ones. With the completion of this step, the debilitating effects of our emotion-based reactions are dissolved, allowing us to prepare for our future.

Step 3: Prepare for the Future

This is the logical-based part of the Smooth Divorce Recovery Program™. In this step we develop our plan for the future, including all four areas of our life: financial, health, self-development/self expression, and love. Special attention is given to how to insure your next committed relationship will escape the fate of your last relationship. Our goal: Make your last divorce your last divorce.

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The Divorce Recovery Online Guide

The details of these three steps are distilled into a 3-step, 11 module Divorce Recovery Online Guide that forms the basis for the Smooth Divorce Recovery Program™. The guide is used as a map through the unfamiliar wilderness of the divorce recovery process.

The Divorce Recovery Online Guide forms the basis for three different types of program variations: (1) Personal, 1-to-1 Coaching, (2) Group Coaching, and (3) the Coached-by-a-Friend Divorce Recovery Solution. The three variations only differ in the type of support provided.

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The Three Choice Alternatives

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