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Assessment of Progress

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With the best of intentions, friends and relatives tell you what to do to “get over” your divorce. “Just get back out there and start dating again.” “You have your whole life ahead of you. Stop dwelling in the past.” “There are more than one fish in the sea.”

We listen to what they say and possibly feel better – for a little while. But there remains a nagging hint of doubt. “If I have healed from the trauma, then why am I still feeling down, incomplete, anxious, and angry?” “Why do songs remind me of him or her?” “Why do I dread running into him or her at the mall?”

You will come away from this assessment with a clear picture of those areas in which you have already healed as well as a road map for guiding you through those areas still in need of development.


The In-Depth Assessment of Your Progress measures 14 comprehensive dimensions of your life after divorce.

Your results on each dimension are compiled and evaluated as being fully healed/completed or in need of development.

The In-Depth Assessment of Your Progress survey takes about 20-30 minutes to complete.

A 30-page Interpretative Report interprets your score on each dimension and then guides you through an interactive reaction form and plan of action for any dimension in need of further development.

The Interpretative Report takes an hour or more based on your assessment scores.