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Free Divorce Recovery Stress Inventory

Divorce is incredibly stressful. In fact, it is the second most stressful life event you could experience, second only to the death of a spouse. This stress screws up our lives. Work suffers. Friendships suffer. Relationships with our children and our family suffer. And dating is damned near impossible.

We all suffer stress from our divorce – some more than others. This free survey lets you know how your stress level compares with hundreds of others who have taken the survey before you.

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The survey consists of 16 questions assessing the common areas we feel stress after divorce, plus 14 demographic questions that will allow us to better understand the circumstances most susceptible to post-divorce stress.

It takes less than 2 minutes to fill in the survey and allows you to compare your scores with over 500 individuals who, like you, have navigated the treacherous waters of divorce.

Results of your survey are given along with suggestions for follow up actions. Also included is a report that explains each of the 16 stress questions and how others have scored on each question.