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How are We Unique?

The Smooth Divorce Transition Program is unlike any other divorce-recovery program or workshop. Here are some ways it is distinctive:

1. It actually works!!

What Makes the SDT Program Unique?

  • Limited time frame
  • Results-oriented
  • Focused on the future
  • Based on scientific research
  • Logical process
  • Objective progress measurements

Probably what makes this program most unique is that it actually works! Clients who complete the Smooth Divorce Transition Program show, on average, an 80% decrease in negative reactions to life after divorce, and an 86% increase in positive reactions. Click here for reactions from several program alumni.

2. Our program is limited to a specific time frame (instead of ongoing)

Unlike therapy and divorce support groups which have open-ended time frames, the Smooth Divorce Transition Program has a predictable beginning, middle, and end. Typically, it takes 3 to 5 months to complete the program and achieve the results.

3. Focused on results

The Smooth Divorce Transition Program has specific outcome goals for how clients can improve the way they feel about themselves, their lives, and their future. These include:

  • Reduce negative feelings about life after divorce
  • Increase positive feelings about life after divorce
  • Confidence about the future
  • Contentment with present life as a single person
  • Gratitude for the past
  • Ending ill will toward ex
  • Cooperating with ex for kids
  • Eliminating personal attachments to the ex
  • Being ready for a new relationship
  • Gaining clear ideas of what you require and need in a new relationship
  • Confidence about dating

4. Focused on the future (not the past)

In Smooth Divorce Transition, we start with the present and then look to the future and ask: “What are the roadblocks preventing you from realizing your dreams for the next chapter in your life?” and, “How can the roadblocks be removed?” This differs from typical divorce recovery groups and therapy, which also start in the present, but then turn and focus on the past for comfort or insight.

5. Based on scientific research

The Smooth Divorce Transition Program is firmly rooted in the social science research findings on how to dissolve resistance to change. Specifically, the program is based on the work of Jerald Young, Ph.D. His book, Me? Change? Not Now, Not Ever!, details the first practical prescription for dissolving resistance to change for any major life transition, including divorce.