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Clients’ Comments

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I approached Dr. Young with Smooth Divorce Recovery because I had gone through a divorce (that I did not want) and was not doing well emotionally, to cope with the breakup after 39 years of marriage. I had approached other divorce coaching services but some made unrealistic claims like “be free of your divorce in 29 days”. I found Dr. Young credible and realistic in the work required by clients to participate. He did not promise some quick “magic cure” that required little work on my part.

Dr. Young helped me by plugging me into an extensive divorce recovery program over 4+ months that involved emotional and relationship inventory and so much more. His program helped me sort out the bad and the good and helped me heal and move on with my life.

The result was helping me stabilize my emotions, process the past, plan for the future, and generally heal.

For example, I was dreading attending my son’s wedding because my former spouse would be there. I did not know for sure if I could actually attend. After finishing the program, I no longer dread going, but am looking forward to having a great time. My former spouse’s attendance is now irrelevant.

One thing I liked was his matter-of-fact insights but also that his process seemed to be research based and really helped me heal from what was a difficult event. I am no longer “stuck” in the past and have a great joy and hope going forward with the rest of my life.

I found the experience so helpful, well worth the cost for the benefit received

I would unconditionally recommend Smooth Divorce Recovery to people who need help getting emotionally unstuck from the devastation that can happen with any divorce.

L. B.

After my divorce I felt insecure, emotionally unbalanced, old, disillusioned and on the verge of losing my career. My life faded to black and white tones and was falling apart. Over the length of the program, Jerald took me on a life-transforming journey. He helped me explore the devastated crater of my soul that divorce had left. Then he helped me dig out and polish the hidden diamond of my true self. As we progressed through the program, first I lost my fear of the future. Then I became free of the past and was able to discuss with ease the child related and financial issues with my ex. Surprisingly, I saw my life in color again and smelled a tint of coffee in Manhattan morning air. By the program’s completion, I rediscovered a new, strong, beautiful, and young person within. Jerald’s program makes sense of the divorce recovery process, expedites regeneration from the ashes, and reconnects you with the happy human being you were born to be. It makes your real self shine.

Allison W.
Financial Advisor, NYC


Following a highly contentious divorce, I was very angry, hurt, and afraid to make any demands of my ex to change the visitation agreement. My ex was a sitting judge and I worried that he would find a way to make my life even more miserable. After working through the Smooth Divorce Recovery program, I was able to successfully work with my ex to change the visitation arrangements. We remain friendly to this day.

Marie W.
Director/Producer, FL

During my marriage, I had created a dream that my ex and our family would be together always After working with Jerald, I was able to let go of the emotional attachments to my ex, re-invent my initial dreams, and begin living my new life vision.

Sara H.
College Professor, NYC

Your program left me put back together, freer, and whole.

Melissa H.
Actress, NYC

Your program made a huge difference in returning my life to normal. Now I can see the colors of life again!

Denise F.
Investment Banker/NYC

You did in 2 hours what my therapist could not do in 8 sessions.

Donna N.
Financial Advisor, NYC

Jerald is easy to talk to. He’s been there. He understands.

Joyce B.
Real Estate Broker, FL

I can talk to Jerald about things I can’t talk to with my therapist.

Ron G.
Ad Exec, NYC

Best money I ever spent.

Don W.
Accountant, MN


After my divorce I was sad, disillusioned, hurt and bitter. With Jerald’s kind and compassionate approach, we worked through the challenge and restored a positive quality to my life. Jerald’s insights are a gift and I highly recommend him to all who are faced with the challenge of a post-divorce journey.

Charlotte P.
Wall Street Executive, NYC