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The “reverse apology” letter

Here is a short (1:45) explanation of the “Reverse Apology Letter” that is a unique tool for letting go of those parts of the past we no longer need.


  1. “Reverse apology” is a great concept.

    In my divorce, I have found that all the apologizing has been from me to her – she just doesn’t know how to apologize.

    So creating this letter is a very healing experience. Thank you.

  2. Renea says:

    my paretns have my paretns have just recently been through divorce; im 15years old &blame myself for everthng , i cried myself to sleep th whole time ths was happening and i have twins little sistes (4years) and theyr always askng wher their daddy is ; they dont understand ;i try tel them thd hes gone away for a little while and they start to cry, i carnt even think to imagine what they would do if they found out their daddy isnt coming back at all . i hate it . its too hard :'(

  3. Fabiana says:

    I’ve @boone09660 I’ve been through two as well. One when I was three and one when I was thretein. This video was right when it said how each age group would be affected. I’m sixteen now, and my anger, fear of separation or losing someone, being fearful of my own relationships, angry outbursts, etc. ruined the best thing that has ever happened to me And now it’s too late. I dated my best friend of two years for five months and it ended horribly because I was such a night mare I miss Bethany

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