Five Solution Choices

We offer five different ways to use our programs:

  1. Private Client Personal Coaching
  2. Group Coaching
  3. Assisted, Self-Managed Recovery Program
  4. Book on Divorce Recovery, and
  5. Short Term, “Laser” Consultations

Private Client Personal Coaching: If you would like (1) personal attention by and frequent access to Dr. Young, (2) an individualized program tailored to your specific needs, (3) virtually 24/7 personal help in handling a crisis, (4) maximum depth and permanence of change, and (5) the fastest possible speed of recovery, then personal coaching with Dr. Young is the preferred solution.

In a typical personal coaching program, you meet privately with Dr. Young, either in-person or over the phone, every week for 1.5 to 2 hours. A  3-step, 11-module program workbook is used as the springboard for discussion and action planning. In the “as long as it takes” option, the weekly coaching sessions are augmented by a virtual “24/7, on-call” access to Dr. Young, so critical in dealing with the emotionally charged aspects of recovery – especially the initial stage of recovery in which you are Stabilizing your Present emotion-based reactions to the divorce and to the daunting demands of establishing a healthy, rewarding, and viable life after divorce. Click here for the prices of private client personal coaching.

 Group Coaching: If you (1) learn best in a social situation, (2) want an opportunity to develop friendships and a sense of community with others experiencing the same divorce trauma, (3), want to receive regular input from and contact with Dr. Young, (4) at a more economical price than personal coaching, then group coaching is a great choice.

In a typical group coaching program, you meet with Dr. Young and other clients (up to a maximum of 12) every week for 1.5 to 2 hours using the  3-step, 11-module program workbook as the springboard for discussion and action planning. In addition, you may participate in three Q&A sessions a month for a year. Not only is everybody in your group dealing with the same challenges of divorce recovery, but also they all “speak the same language,” having shared the same program and workbook used in all the Smooth Divorce Recovery programs. The time spent in coaching plus the Q&A represents approximately 104 hours of contact time with Dr. Young. Click here for the prices of group coaching.

 Assisted, Self-Managed Recovery Program with Q & A Sessions: If minimizing cost, convenience of use, complete control of the pace, and personal flexibility are the critical issues, then using the 3-step, 11-module program workbook in conjunction with the  book and frequent Q & A sessions will give you the best bang for your buck. Click here for the price of the Assisted, Self-Managed Recovery Program.

In a  typical Assisted, Self-Managed Program, you work through the same 11 modules from the workbook the coaching clients use.  Usually this would be on a 1 module per week schedule. You are “assisted” in this program alternative in two ways: (1) In addition to written instructions, each module contains audio and/or video instructions and comments by Dr. Young for each activity; and (2) you will be have live access to Dr. Young through three Q&A sessions per month for one year. This represents approximately 72 hours of contact time with Dr. Young.

 Book: My book entitled The Book on Divorce Recovery: The 16 Fatal Mistakes that Will Sabotage Your Recovery from Divorce and How to Avoid Them (scheduled for release in 2014), will give you an understanding of the divorce recovery process, but needs to be coupled with one of the activity-focused options to have the best effect. Click here for the price of the eBook.

 Short Term, “Laser” Consultations: A short term consultation is useful when there is a specific issue about divorce recovery that you need to deal with, but which does not require working through the full divorce recovery process.  Click here for the price of personal consultation.