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Divorce from the Viewpoint of the Dumper

Divorce or breakup is not bad just for the person “being dumped.” It is also almost always horrendous for the person wanting out of the relationship, or the “dumper.”

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Karen's Story - Living through the Guilt and Shame (beginning at 0:18)

She made a very conscious effort to leave an unsatisfactory long-term relationship – and was totally devastated by the divorce, even though she wanted it desperately.

She had been with her husband for several years, even though from the beginning he refused to give her the type of emotional connection she needed. Not merely wanted, mind you, but actually needed. When she ended the relationship everyone was shocked. To outsiders they seemed like the “perfect couple.” Her siblings virtually disowned her. She felt devastated, even though she knew it was the right thing to do.

Her guilt was all-consuming. She felt like a failure, even though her husband was the one who failed to give her what she required in a relationship. She was confused about why people saw her as the “bad guy.” She felt vulnerable, ashamed, and embarrassed. She even began to doubt herself and wondered if she had made a terrible mistake, even though her heart and her intuition told her otherwise.

She just wanted the pain to go away and to never have to go through the living hell of divorce ever again. But she didn’t know what to do to make it happen.

Then, a friend referred her to my program. She worked through the Smooth Divorce Transition Program, and within a few months the pain of divorce was eliminated and she was confidently and enthusiastically moving into the next chapter of her life.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Are there other reactions you are having to your breakup?

What You Can do to Recover from Your Divorce (beginning at 2:06)

Even though this is one of the most painful times of your life, be reassured your reactions are normal. The apparent loss of many of your hopes and dreams is tragic.

However, you will get through this. The Smooth Divorce Transition Program will help you end the pain of divorce and dissolve the fear of life after divorce. Plus, it will do it up to 10 times faster than any other method.

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